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:: Shillong Teer Result ::
Date: 17-02-2021

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Shillong Teer Result 2020, Teer Result, Khanapara Teer Result 2020

Shillong Teer, You can see the Shillong Teer Result on this website, as well as you will get the right information about the Shillong Teer Result here, Common Number daily updated. 

SHILLONG    ( Date: 24-02-2021)

F/R ( 3:45 PM )
S/R(4:45 PM)



Last 7 Days Shillong teer results

14/02/2021OFF (Sunday)OFF (Sunday)

Teer Result, Khanapara Teer Result 2020

Khanapara Teer Result ( Date: 24-02-2021)

First Round [FR]
Second Round [SR]



Last 7 Days Juwai teer results
14/02/2021OFF (Sunday)OFF (Sunday)

Do you Know About The Result

Teer Result is a lottery game played in Shillong, Assam Meghalaya, India. The players who play from zero to number, if your score comes, you get ₹ 80 instead of ₹ 1.

There are so many countries where Teer is played in India. But Shillong Teer is India’s most popular Teer. Teer has played in Shillong in two rounds. The results of the first round are declared at 4 p.m. and the results of the second round are declared at 5.00 p.m. You get a chance to win 80 ropes in the first round of 1 rupee bet but in the second round of 1 rupee. bet, you get a chance to win 60 ropes.


Teer Game is legalized in the State of Meghalaya only. This site is created only to provide teer game results. If you are visiting this site from a place where this game is not authorized by the Govt. then we suggest you to immediately leave this site. is not an Official Website of Any Teer Game. We are not an authorized site of teer games. This is a simple blog that collects teer results from various sources and displays the results. We are not responsible for any wrong result displayed here. If someone provide service on behalf of us then we are not responsible for that as we publish teer results only and never approach anybody with an intention of selling any service. This is a completely free blog to be used for viewing teer result and hit numbers only.For accuracy we suggest viewers to approach local legal counters of Shillong.

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